Tacos de Kuurna - KIOSQUITO

Tacos de Kuurna "KIOSQUITO" is a kiosk serving mexican treats. I designed a visual identity and merchandise for it.
What I did
— Visual Identity
— Logo
— Illustration
— Merchandise

Restaurant Kuurna

Summer 2020 I was asked to work for Restaurant Kuurna, on their new taco kiosk Kiosquito. I was glad I got an very open brief and full trust from their side—I got pretty much full freedom to build a direction I saw best for the kiosk.

Agreed with Kuurna we sought to avoid the most overly used Mexican imagery like sugar skulls and piñatas in all and instead chose to celebrate the temporary nature of the project, the tacos of course and the kiosk itself.

Kiosquito, the food it served and the identity were all loved by the public. Photos of the posters, toothpick flags and the dishes got shared a lot on Instagram. In the end Kuurna didn't even have to promote the Kiosquito in any way themselves.

Photo: Sara Tickle

Photo: Bella Table

Photo: Sara Tickle