Study about making a visual identity by stripping down all the visual gimmicks and going very back to the roots. (The identity is not currently in use)
What I did
— Branding
— Visual Identity


Evermade is a digital agency based in Helsinki, Finland. They are a team of designers, web analytics and developers.

The work of Evermade is characterised by serving their clients all means possible. That’s what sparked the leading idea for the re-branding: Making Evermade visually as lowkey as possible so the client work and client brand can take the spotlight and shine bright.

The idea of making the visual identity as minimal as possible led us to the concept of visual unbranding and how unbranded digital agency could look.

The visual identity is based on the font Arial for the sake of both unbranding and homage to the past when web was all about system fonts. Color wise the idea was to keep the selection as narrow as possible so we had to choose colors that both works great together but also differs enough.