Tacos de Kuurna

Summer 2020 I was asked to work for Restaurant Kuurna, on their new taco kiosk Kiosquito. I got an very open brief and full trust from their side. See how it all turned out from the full case study

Visual concept ● Visual identity ● Mascot & Logo ● Merchandise ●

Kuurna Kiosks' World Tour

In summer 2021 summer I got to work on two more Kuurna's kiosks. The new kiosks were "Sandwich de Kuurna" and "Yakitorino Kuurna" — and we ended up calling the triplet "Kuurna Kiosks World Tour".

Visual concept ● Visual identity ● Mascot & Logo ● Merchandise ● Copywriting

Pesso 33

Visual concept, identity and all kind of material for Pesso's album "33".

Visual concept ● Visual identity ● Website


Visual identity for a digital magazine aiming to change the perception of nudity and beauty ideals in our society.

Visual identity ● Website concept ● UX & UI


Visual identity for a umbrella association that renews how Finland and Finnish people are seen and meet.

Visual identity ● Logo


Visual identity for Ketterä Media, Helsinki based film, photo and social media production company.

Ketterä means "agile" in Finnish. Agileness is also the key driver for the whole identity and it is present in everything from the logo to the very visual assets.

Visual identity ● Logo

Soaked by Slush

Visual identity and website for Slush's own media.

Identity ● Logo ● UX & UI


In 2019 we re-thought the top level concept of Slush.org and in the end it got full-blown renewal from the very visual identity down.

Concept ● Identity ● UX & UI


Study about making a visual identity by stripping down all the visual gimmicks and going very back to the roots. (The identity is not currently in use)

Concept & Identity

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