Printable calendar

Get yourself a special and creative wall calendar for 2021. Just download, print and get crazy.

Download (PDF)

Not so ordinary

For 2021 edition I wanted to make not only fun and creative layout, but something that encourages you to get a bit creative as well.

Print and craft

To get the most of this calendar you’ll need some basic house hold items like color pencils and scissors. But don’t you worry too much ahead since the needed equipments comes clear going through month by month.


If you don’t want to push yourself – you can use this like a normal wall calendar. I mean... as “normal” as this calendar is anyway.

Download (PDF)
and print by youself.

Specs Designed in A4 (but feel free to print in any size) Black and white 12 Months 15 Pages Design, illustrations and all by yours truly


If you end up printing and using the calendar I would really like to hear from you! For example messaging on Instagram would be super cool.