I work on visual identities, digital experiences and all printed matter. Aiming for long lasting partnerships and stories to remember.


— Visual identities

— Digital experiences

— Design systems

— User interfaces


— Art directing

— Concepting

— Illustrating


— Empathy

— Imagination

How I work

I am used to question everything. For outstanding work I find my way to the very essential and only build on it. I don't run by fixed processes — but I find these three phases taking place in almost every project.



Taking a deep dive. No assumptions, but lot of questions. Lots and lots of research, benchmarking and analyses.

Learning about the industry the client at hand operates at. Aiming to understand the end users in the best possible way. Discussing about general goals and pitfalls. Agreeing about what does a win look like.



Compressing and distilling the results and findings of the studies and research. Forming a creative insight and point of view.

Exploring different solutions and touch points. Benchmarking, doodling and ideating. Concepting, testing and prototyping. Setting up the design drivers.

Finding the ways to embrace the very essential. Choosing the best and most unique way to express it.



In the simplest form: Breathing life into the design drivers. Planning and foreseeing the needed solutions. Designing the essential assets.

Choosing color palettes, picking the right fonts and drawing the logos. Setting up guidelines and guidance. Avoiding rules but sparking inspiration.



Walking down the way paved by creative direction and identity. Bringing it all home.

Even though I usually get greatest kicks from the biggest ideas I desire to get the very final assets and implementations as well. If not designing and crafting them by myself then guiding and directing.

Setting up templates.

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